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Hi Guys, I am getting the status as success in RWB but in the sxmb_moni i am getting red symbol for all the successful messages also. I have seen the paramerts for the speicfic configuration and nothi

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Hello Everybody, can you please provide me the details, like how we can configure the different administrative and configurations in XI through this TCODE. Please let me know if there are an blogs for

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SXMB_ADM - Transport Entries - Sender ID and Specific Parameters. We are doing conversion of existing interfaces to AAE in PI 7.1 EHP1. We created Sender IDs in the development application system (R/3) using "Configure Sender/Receiver ID' option of SXMB_ADM. These Sender IDs are for the sender interfaces.

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The table copies that were inactive before now become active tables. All new XML messages are written to the table copies. For all existing XML messages, the system checks whether the delete flag in the master entry is set or not. If it is not set, all corresponding table entries from the original tables are copied to the table copies.

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Hi , with reference to the blog --- refer to the step ---2 Configuration Business system as local Integration Engine. 1. Goto Transaction SXMB_ADM 2. Choose Edit --> Change Global Configuration Dat

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Webservice messages will get deleted automatically in the SAP system. The default value is one week. You might need to keep the messages longer. The setting that controls this retention period is quite hidden. To change the setting, you need to start transaction SXMB_ADM and then select the option Schedule Delete Jobs: Then you change the ...

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The authorization object S_XMB_ADM ( Integration Engine: Administrator) is a standard authorization object in SAP ERP. It belongs to the package SXMSADM.

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3. Configure Integration Engine. To do so navigate to SXMB_ADM -> Integration Engine Configuration. Then press ‘Configuration’ button. In the configuration you need to add the following parameters as presented in the screenshot below. Please make sure you use connection previously created in SM59 (Step 1).

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SLDPOD Configure Incorporation Engine Management using purchase SXMBADM. Create Proxy Sender and Receiver Communication Stations in PIPO. Sender Route: SOAPSender, Receiver Channel: SOAPReceiver. URL, Program ID, Client and Vocabulary parameters are usually mandatory.

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Get complete information about SAP Authorization Object S_XMB_ADM Integration Engine: Administrator including related authorization fields and connections to other authorization objects.